Chiang Mai, Thailand, at some ungodly hour a.m. and I’m fresh off an overnight bus. It’s mid-November, at the start of the Yi Peng lantern festival, and the tourists are taking over. I’m sitting at an outdoor cafe, staring a hole in my coffee while contemplating the state of my individually-wrapped 7-Eleven banana which, like me, has made the long trip from Bangkok.

Something catches my attention — American English, as spoken by two twenty-something females, probably from California.

“I’m gonna go with … “ She trails off, her eyes still scanning the menu. The waiter looks perplexed.

“She can’t…

The following comes from a segment in the UX Writing Academy’s training program called Lexically Speaking. In it, we explore the writing aspects of UX writing — grammar, style, mechanics, typography and more.

The year is 1776. The place, Philadelphia. A young Virginian has been tasked with drafting a document of enormous historical significance — a task he did not want to take. His country is at war with the most powerful empire in the world from which it intends to declare independence. Surely, this document calls for clear, powerful, assertive language. …

Aaron S. Raizen

Hi, I’m Aaron 👋🏼 I write content, microcopy, and songs.

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